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Magda Szczecińska & Dominika Tomczak

Location: Lodz & Wroclaw, Poland
Timeline: January 2024


Magda Szczecińska & Dominika Tomczak:

Collaborating with Magdalena Szczecińska and Dominika Tomczak, our team at Sprobuj Digital Agency undertook the graphical creation of an e-book - a comprehensive guide to deworming, originally titled “Ale draka mam robaka.”


  • Graphic Design

Magdalena Szczecińska & Dominika Tomczak

Challenges and Goals

Graphic Design for the E-book

At the outset of this project, our primary objective was to conceptualize and produce a visually appealing e-book, ensuring seamless readability of the abundant information it encapsulated. Additionally, we aimed to meticulously craft graphic elements and tables to augment the overall presentation and user engagement.

  • Clarity and Accessibility: Enhance content readability while maintaining a balance with design elements.

  • Consistency and Brand Alignment: Ensure visual identity aligns with client's branding while captivating the audience.

  • Data Visualization: Translate complex information into visually appealing graphics and tables.

Results of Crafting an Informative E-Book

As a result of the collaborative efforts of our team at Sprobuj Digital Agency, we have graphically produced an e-book meticulously designed to ensure clarity, accessibility, and visual appeal. By prioritizing lucidity and user-friendliness, we ensured that the design elements seamlessly complemented the content, facilitating effortless comprehension for readers of all levels.



I am delighted with the cooperation with the company; we have been working together for over 3 years. Yaroslav created 2 websites for me, assembled and produced an ebook, and created a plethora of graphics with his team. In addition to this, he supports me in SEO and the management of the store, website, and social media. Always on time, always open to my needs, and understanding towards the client. I recommend everyone to try working with them because it is a team of professionals who are constantly evolving and for whom nothing is impossible. (Originally written in Polish)

Magdalena Szczecińska

Founder at Homeobiologika

I highly recommend working together.

I am extremely satisfied with the ebook that the company created for me and my colleague. Quickly, precisely, professionally. (Originally written in Polish)

Dominika Tomczak

Founder at DomiVita LLC